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Sass Monster

Logan isn’t quite four yet, but he’s so close that we’re counting it. It’s especially easy to round up when he encompasses the full blown personality traits of a four year old.

Four year olds can be summed up in one word: Sassy.

“Peanut, it’s late. Go to sleep please.”

Logan was settled on his floor bed (a.k.a. the bed he made on the floor NEXT to his bed, because why sleep on a soft mattress?) and he knew full well that it was bedtime. We had taken a bath, brushed teeth, changed into pjs, watched a show, and put on his music. But with a small matchbox car in his hand he replied, “I’m just going to play for five minutes.”

He probably would only play for five more minutes before snuggling in and falling asleep. Mic drop. My quizzical look at his ability to convince me to let him continue playing quickly turned to a smirk at his creativity. Ok sassy little fella, you win.

That’s the word that describes him best. At four years old, he is 100% sassy. He’s not a baby, he’s not a big kid, but he’s fully transitioning into an independently thinking little human. In speech, in mannerisms and in personality.

Sassy is defined as “lively, bold, and fully of spirit; cheeky” and that is Logan exactly.

For example, over the weekend, Logan asks Max to fill up his water bottle at bedtime. Logan has two water bottles in his room, for whatever reason, and he insists on them both being full. Max had already informed Logan that he had enough water in each water bottle and he didn’t need them filled right now. To which Logan responded:

Logan: “I’m gonna drink all the water and then you’ll have to get me more.”
Max: “Uh no”
Logan: “Uh yes”

Excuse me?!

I love this little boy with teenager spirit with all my heart. At four, he has truly come into his own. He knows what he likes, voices his opinion, and confidently claims his intentions all day long.

Four year olds are spitfires who keep you on your toes. With a mix of occasional frustration and intermittent fear, I wake daily ready for laughs thanks to this little man. He’s constantly dishing out cheeky comments that leave me working to keep a straight face and parent with some sense of responsibility.

After all, I’m the mom and it’s my job to temper the audacity while fueling the fire of his burgeoning personality. It’s a fine line, encouraging the sweet and silly while reprimanding the disrespectful. But I know his next level sassiness could get him both in trouble and pave the way to great success. So together, we’re embracing it and all the joys, laughter, and sometimes redirection of the fourth year.

Stay sassy, little man!

Do you have one, too? Have you experienced the comical preschool sass? Share your stories in the comments.

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